Steve jobs vs tim cook

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Steve Jobs vs Tim Cook

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The single most important thing Steve Jobs told Tim Cook before he passed away

Legendary Steve Jobs was unarguably the best leader for Apple, but of late, experts have started praising Tim Cook’s strategic decision making and smart marketing campaigns. Here is a comparison between the two CEOs of Apple. Steve Jobs was a mercurial genius with a singular knack for turning bright ideas into shiny new products.

How Does Tim Cook's Management Style Differ from Steve Jobs? (AAPL)

Tim Cook is an operations wizard who hammered Apple’s supply chain into a manufacturing. Steve Jobs, as expertly outlined in Walter Isaacson's biography, was brilliant, intense, mercurial and prickly. Tim Cook, by many accounts, is very different; even keeled, methodical and quietly. Mar 25,  · Is Tim Cook a Better CEO than Steve Jobs?

Prior to Cook’s time at Apple and under Steve Jobs’ visionary leadership the company was a financial and operational mess.

Steve Jobs vs Tim Cook: Who is Better As a CEO of Apple?

No one doubted its. Steve Jobs, visionary genius. Tim Cook, stalwart stationkeeper. That’s how the two men at the heart of Apple‘s fresh rearrangement are seen today. While Jobs was behind the innovation and. The only thing Steve Jobs cared about was making "Insanely Great Products".The company and the employees were there only to facilitate that goal.

Steve routinely called people back mid vacation and also made them work on Christmas Days because he decided he wanted a .

Steve jobs vs tim cook
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