Emotional labor effects on job satisfaction

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The Consequences of Emotional Labor: Effects on Work Stress, Job Satisfaction, and Well-Being

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What happens when women say ‘no’ to emotional labor

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Research in Business and Social Science- IJRBS (2147-4478)

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Citizens expect particularly high quality and helpful services from public-service workers, because in public-service jobs the focus is on providing a service to. The Consequences of Emotional Labor: Effects on Work Stress, Job Satisfaction, and Well-Being Overview of attention for article published in Motivation & Emotion Altmetric Badge.

The Interaction Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Labor on Job Satisfaction: A test of Holland’s Classification of Occupations Authors Wong, C.S. Previous theoretical work on emotional labour suggested a negative relationship between emotional labour and job satisfaction.

However, two empirical tests of this relationship (Adelmann,Wharton, ) contradicted the above view.

Emotional dissonance and job satisfaction Job satisfaction is one of the most examined outcomes in the emotional labor literature and has been strictly linked to emotional dissonance (Abraham,Brotheridge & Lee,Grandey,Bono & Vey,Gursoy, Boylu, &.

Emotional labor is a near universal part of every job, and of life; often it’s just called being polite. However, the extent to which one acts makes a meaningful difference.

Emotional labor effects on job satisfaction
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"Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Style, and Job Satisfaction in Cont" by Jason Allen Downing